About Men

About Men

When I say that men have destroyed the planet, I do not mean
that this planet has been destroyed by all men living now or from the past.

There is a percentage of beautiful, caring, kind, thoughtful,
sincere, helpful, appreciative and respectful men who have been creative,
peaceful and concerned about the direction the world is headed. So these men
are not included with those that have degraded the land, degraded women and
children, been violent and aggressive, antagonistic or brutal.

When you read any article/blog written by me, please wear
your logic hat and know that I am not attacking you, singling you out or
berating all men. My attention is directed to only those who have done wrong,
who have done irreparable damage. If you the reader of my articles/blogs know
that you personally have not done any of the above mentioned negative actions,
then you are not included and I praise you for who and what you are.

Do not jump to conclusions or think that I am attacking you
personally if you happen to be a male reader. I am merely pointing out some
glaring truths that men in general seem to ignore or think are perfectly
alright. If you are such a male who deems it necessary to defend the male
gender, then you need to put on your rational hat. Look at the global
situation, assess if it is in good shape or not and then identify the
culprit(s). I think you will find that in the vast majority they (the culprits)
will be male.

Now I want you to make a list of all the dictators/tyrants
from the past 2 centuries and have a look at who you have put. The following is
a list to start with:-

Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Pol Pot, Augusto Pinochet,
Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin Dada, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, Hosni Mubarak,
Ayatollah Khamenei, Kim Jon-Il, Kim Jong-Un, Ho Chi Minh, Bashar al-Assad,
Joseph Starlin, Robert Mugabe, Gustavo Rojas Prinilla, Maummar Al-Qaddafi, Than
Shwe, Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, Meles Zenawi, Paul Kagami, Paul Biya.

Above are just 23 out of 93 listed on Wikipedia. Out of 93,
just one female is listed  and as far as
I am concerned she was not a dictator nor a tyrant; though she was not
democratically elected and that was Megawati Sukanoputri, President of Indonesia
at one time.

There are approximately 220 nations of the world, each with a
Head of State. Some of these nations have had successions of tyrants/dictators.
Dictators/tyrants have all been responsible for human deaths/torture one way or
another. How many women Heads of State have been responsible for human deaths/torture?
The one possibility would be Margaret Thatcher in the Falklands. By comparison
to tyrants that number would have been very low. Margaret Thatcher did show the
world that she could govern as well if not better than any man; but not better
than any untested wise woman. She was however democratically elected, neither a
dictator nor tyrant by world standards. Meaning the 92 males listed on
Wikipedia. I would never call Margaret Thatcher a wise woman; she was clever,
manipulative, persuasive, hard and tough. The same traits males in power adhere
to. No matter how people govern, male or female, in today’s society, both have
to be tough. Men are making sure of that by implementing misgoynynistic
tactics. (Ok, there is no such word as misogynystic, but it fits my meaning and
I will tell you why): This is merely a tactic to humiliate and belittle a woman
who is in a position of power over him, in order to discredit her and get
himself into the lodge. If you don’t know who I am talking about, you are not
up with Australian politics. A woman is strong when she will not allow a man to
talk down to her. Especially when his position is beneath her’s. Julia Gillard
is a strong woman and is holding her position very well under extreme
conditions, which BTW, what she has endured should be considered illegal. He
should not be allowed to talk to his superior and in public in such derogatory,
unproven accusational manner. Typical male, thinks he can do no wrong. If you
like him, and you vote for him and he gets elected, it will be a slow death
from then on. He cannot compete with Julia Gillard. He is not in her league. He
is a moron ignorant of his position in life. Too big for his boots. Needs
taking down several pegs. Like about 100. The LOTO believes erroneously that
all men are superior to women. He certainly does not know his place. What a
disgrace he is to Australian Parliament.

If you are a man, perhaps you could take this opportunity to
look back on your life and see how you have treated women. Have you always
treated women with respect? Have you always been polite where due? Have you
been chivalrous? Have you been unselfish and considerate? Have you allowed
women in your life freedom to do what they want rather than what you wanted?
Have you ever deceived a woman? Have you ever lied to a woman? Have you ever
hidden an important thing from a woman who should have been party to it? Have
you ever felt guilty about something that involved a woman or child? Perhaps
you are one of the few who can say, “I have always treated women well.” In that
case I praise you.

Now I concede that not all women command respect. A drunk
woman cannot command respect. However if a man has drugged a woman, the man is
at fault, has committed a sin and will suffer as a result at some point in
time. Families that disown a daughter who has been raped, are committing an
enormous sin. Their thinking and belief system is so screwed up, they cannot
speak or think with logic. The dominant position of the family must not be the
male. His position is one of protection, security for the family, both
financial and physical. He should behave as a consort. A man is only able to
rule a family through the use of physical strength and instilling fear in his
children and spouse. Words will never beat physical strength, as the one with
the strength is not the smartest one usually. If you are a man reading this,
ask yourself, “why have women been repressed since day dot?” Did women repress
themselves? If so how? Did you know that the clitoris was only discovered on a
witch in the 16th century? That’s how they (judges and priests) knew
she was a witch, she had a 3rd nipple and if a man sucked on it, she
should be killed and banished to hell in flames. And the logic
was?………..This is how men thought back then. Men’s logic. No one had ever
seen a clitoris before and it was then given that name, supposedly meaning 3rd
nipple. Men had sex with their wives through a hole in their nighties. Both had
holes and as little skin touching as possible, because sex was considered
disgusting, at least by the Catholic Church. A child (boy or girl) who
masturbated often had their hands cut off, by men.

If you can bring yourself to, think of the worst thing a
human can do. Isn’t it a fact that the ratio female to male will be
approximately 2% to 98%: 2% being females? Ok let’s say 5 %, just in case.

I’m going to take this opportunity now to talk about gender
and words that represent it in some way. Let’s take the word He for instance. See how I am forced to
bring up the male first. Because that is the sequence with which men have
wrongfully placed themselves. There is ‘he’ and then for the female equivalent,
you tack on an s. But please notice, the
goes before the he, not after as males seem to assume. That would be hes and there is no such word. Women are not appendages to men. No man has the right

to think like that, but almost all men do. Next let’s take the word male. See
how this plays out? Male barging in again in first position. Doesn’t stand back
and let the yin go first. When we change the gender, are you with me? What do
you do? You put fe before male. Not
after as males have always demanded. If it was an appendage the word would be Malefe. Doesn’t sound right to me.
Personally, I do not appreciate having the word male, man, men and he as part
of my word describing my gender.  Men should understand their true position in
the order of things. Men are not
superior to women. There we have yet another word. Starting yet again with the
male gender word man. To change the gender did you add on a suffix or was a
prefix placed in front of man? In front yet again. It is wo. In fact with every
one the addition is placed in front.

It really would help things along greatly if women, females
broke away from men when writing the words for gender identification. So I
advocate S instead of she. Fe instead of female and wo instead of woman. What does anyone
else think?

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Gnostic vs. Religion

This is what it is like being a Gnostic talking to a person of ‘faith’ or a person who follows a religion; including Buddhism, which is really more a way of life, rather than worshiping a single god.  So let me use this analogy: A university professor visits a family with a 4 year old child. On arrival, the precocious child asks the professor what he does. He says he knows a lot of things and teaches people what he knows. The child tells him that she/he knows more than he, as she/he can count to one hundred. The university professor gives a little chuckle and says to the child “Well I can count a lot further than that and I know a lot about a lot of things.” Then the professor says, “Do you like playing many outdoor games?” The child is clever for her/his age, but lacks logic, reasoning and substance.

If you can imaging trying to explain something logical to a drunk. What seems crystal clear to you, will appear unfathomable to the drunk and no matter how much logic you apply, she/he will not comprehend. So if you are a Gnostic and hold a conversation with a Bible basher, or a Muslim, or a Jew or any follower of any religion, it’s the same ratio of spiritual knowledge. The religious person is either the equivalent of the drunk or the 4 year old. Whilst the person may be intelligent and even knowledgeable, they lack spiritual awareness and genuine logic. Their belief systems makes them believe that what they are saying/thinking is logic, but it’s pseudo logic.  It is logic by a false appearance. When a person has been indoctrinated, logic appears in forms that are not truth. To the lesser spiritually evolved this logic is truth, or ‘their’ truth, to be precise. But they are submersed in ignorance and spiritually impoverished.

Please take a look at the Christian Bishops. All that pomp and ceremony; the placing of themselves on a pedestal that they believe they cannot fall from. The greed for wealth and power, this alone is a broken Commandment. Let’s talk about the 10 Commandments of the Christian Bible. Christians of ‘faith’ are breaking them all the time. If you are going to bother with a religion and say that you have ‘faith’, firstly you must know what you have faith in and secondly you must adhere to something like the 10 Commandments, religiously (tongue in cheek). What is the point of going to church, saying prayers or reading the Bible if you are going to break all the laws. It is a kin to a policeman selling drugs he has confiscated from a citizen he has busted. Yet Christians think this is acceptable. It is NOT. If you are going to bother following any religion at least follow it to the letter. That means there can be NO Christians in the military, Thou Shalt Not Kill, no Christians Bishops or Popes, that is greed, and narcissism. No paedophile priests: that is none, zero. There can be NO confessional. You must not do the wrong doing in the first place and a priest does NOT have any power vested in him to absolve you of your sins. You WILL pay for them at some point, maybe in the next life or the one after. If you contradict me in your mind on reincarnation, you are spiritually ignorant and a 4 year old in spiritual awareness: a young soul who knows next to nothing and cannot use logic to the extent of truth.

Anyone who follows Sharia Law is spiritually impoverished. Not only do they disobey the Quran, but they are imposing the most dreadful karma upon themselves by the way they treat other human beings. Not only the treatment of women, but the treatment of what they call  ‘the Infidels’.  What person in  (what is sometimes referred to as their ‘right’ mind), meaning logical/rational mind would think that Allah their god would approve of their behaviour? If you were a logical and rational person, you would know that it is socially unacceptable to kill a person for any reason other than self-defence. This is permitted and is a known Gnostic fact.

There have been several high profile killings by Christians and Muslims alike that have been against their religious teachings, but they blatantly went ahead anyway, and the people of ‘faith’ went along with it. This is truly bizarre.

If every country was run by a Gnostic female, jails replaced with re-programming (at a cellular level) boarding schools, there would be worldwide peace. Not saying there wouldn’t be the odd skirmish here and there, but nothing like on the scale we are experiencing now. There is conflict all over the planet and 99% is instigated by men.

Religions that worship a single god do not worship or even know about the Great Creator God of all that is. The god of the Christian Faith is not the same God as the Great Creator God. A 4 year old mentality cannot comprehend this. If you look at the Hindu religion, you will find that they worship hundreds of gods, for different reason. There is the god/goddess of this and that and the other. They understand that there is a higher source that overrides all lesser gods; but THAT God is unknowable and all the gods they have named such as Vishnu, Shiva and Tara are gods that can be communicated with and their worship hopefully appreciated. As a Gnostic, when I say God I do not mean god or Jehovah, Allah, Buddha or Yahweh.  An atheist is closer to truth than anyone of religious faith. An Atheist does not worship any god, and neither is there any spiritual need to. However I am NOT Atheist I am Gnostic, understanding as does an Atheist that worship of a god and even God is unnecessary and useless. Prayer is not useless depending on how you pray, what you pray about/for and how you direct your prayer out into the ethers.

Men have ruled for far too long. Men have made a complete mess of themselves and the planet. They haven’t a clue how to govern and all they know is how to make money, invent, and declare war on nations they don’t like. Rape, pillage and steal whole countries and commit genocide in them. They invent bombs and WMD and then drop them on whoever they choose, without a thought of human suffering or spiritual consequence. They rape the ground and its inhabitants. I say men have done this; I am not referring to all men.

What media reported on the destruction of land and environment, climate change and pollution that Shock and Awe had on the planet? What right did America have to invade Iraq and then call the people who fought back, insurgents? Dictionary definition: noun, rebellion, uprising or riot. The so called insurgents were surely rising up against the invader. And what precisely would America do if it wa invaded along the same lines? I need not give you ananswer as you already know it.  You see the US can have nuclear weapons, and WMD. Yes, of course, we are American, we can have them. We are superior. We are a Super Power. But that is not logic, nor is it rational if you are not American. If it is wrong to have nuclear weapons, then it is wrong period. You can’t say, “I can have it, but you can’t.” 3 year olds squabbling over a toy may get away with that kind of behaviour. To be a Leader of a Nation and behave like that is a grossly immature style of governance.

Because the majority of people on the planet are only at a very average level of spiritual evolution, they are afflicted with the same level of immaturity and accept what governments decide to do and without a plebiscite.  A fault of a Democracy is that voting should not be compulsory and also one person, one vote. However this is only a quarter step forward/closer to good governance. It does at least ensure that those who are passionate about the candidate they like and honour will get their vote.  This leaves the politically ignorant free to go to the footy on voting day and not get fined or feel guilty. It is quite demoralising to know that in your electorate your vote did not count. 

There is no logical reason why we here in Australia, must follow the Westminster System of Law and Governance. The system is very flawed. In my Gnostic opinion it is an atrocity. When someone commits a heinous crime, we say that it is an atrocity. The Australian judicial system is the same, on same level. A system that can put an innocent person in jail for the rest of their life or 25 years, is an atrocity. Their life is now fucked. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Ok well it wasn’t lucked was it? Very bad luck. There is a karmic component here, however the system is creating more bad karma and it is a never ending story until CHANGE occurs.

And BTW, anyone who is shocked at my language, you would be better off being shocked at the way you think and your belief system. Not the arrangement of 4 letters. There is nothing in the word itself, only the way you use it. I never use it abusively. And God isn’t looking ‘down’ on me frowning.

The World had better wake up to the fact that we are on the brink of no return. Once the entire planet has been fracced, we are fucked. Definitely not lucked. Opposite of lucked is fucked. I have it on firsthand information from someone in the CSG industry, that the water table in parts of Australia is already polluted beyond repair. Not common knowledge. More destruction by men. This is the big one folks. Once we lose our water table we lose big time. Fraccing is occurring all over the world. It will mean life not as we knew it is a distinct possibility. With the prediction of no agriculture in the next decade, many people will die of starvation. The people who will survive will probably be all the Gnostics, because we have done a certain 31 Day Program and can live without food or water, living on air/prana alone. I have done this program. I am a Breatharian.

In conclusion, There are other planets and stars that have human like life, some less evolved than this one and some more spiritually evolved. My aim would be to reincarnate to another planet that has only highly evolved souls. No crime. No drugs and no drinking t excess and females in positions of leadership. Bliss.

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Very disappointed with the 21st Century

During the latter part of the 20th century, I saw a disturbing downward trend. There was a fear of another World War looming and many unethical practices going un-punished.

However, I saw the 21st century as a renewal, a correction of wrong doings and the increase of women in high places. I am glad to acknowledge the latter has been substantially achieved, though often under duress. It certainly has not reached the point of zenith.

We finally have a government that is willing to do the hard yards, but unfortunately the MSM (Mainstream media) either ridicule or sabotage most of the good things they try to do. What government has ever considered a Royal Commission into paedophiles and child abusers in the Church and other non-profit organisations? What other government ever said “sorry” to the Stolen Generation? What other government initiated the NBN? And what other government has sort advice and views of non-politicians? What other government ever tried to rehabilitate the Murray Darling Basin? Which government put our troops into Iraq and Afghanistan, which was an illegal war and which government is now bringing them back?

This ALP Government in Australia has been unfairly criticised many, many times over. It is true that some mistakes have been made and there have been decisions I have not agreed with. But tell me one government in the world that has never made one mistake during their term. Look at Ge*rge W B*ush. The amount of mistakes he made were uncountable, yet he got re-elected. We have an Opposition Leader who is hell bent on becoming our next Prime Minister at ALL costs. He doesn’t care what he does or says to achieve it, yet there will still be people who will vote for him. He is sexist, rude and aggressive. Most women with a brain don’t like him and yes, he is misogynistic towards women in power, unless they cow tow to Him.

The disparity between rich and poor has only widened this century. No one has spoken about World War 111, but there is so much conflict all over the planet, it may as well be. The Arab Spring is now the Arab Winter and what the activists had hoped for has not been achieved. The situation in Egypt is no better now than it was before the uprising. In fact, as I write, it could be a whole lot worse. Egypt was demonstrably a secular society, though many were Muslim and Christian. Now everyone will be forced to follow Islam and there will be nothing anyone can do about it, as activism will be outlawed. Egypt now has a Supreme Leader: Dictator in other words. His word is law. Women’s rights will be set back one hundred years. Muslims are still killing Muslims and Christians are still breaking their god’s 10 Commandments. Billions of people still blindly follow religions without any reasonable benefits.

People with genuine wisdom are generally poor; whilst those in the wealthy top 1% are generally prone to excessive greed and the power that goes with it.  People are still dyeing from contact sports and children and women are still being exploited. The slave trade that everybody thought had been stamped out is well and truly in existence and in my own country very disturbingly.

Corruption is rife in almost every country throughout the world. There are a few countries that I don’t know about such as Bhutan, where the Gross National Product is Happiness. What I do see is opposition in every respect. Opposition to government, opposition to extreme wealth, opposition to injustice, opposition towards females in high positions etc. etc. The problem lies within the self. Everyone with the exception of a very few, think they are right, and cannot stand to be challenged. They cannot agree to disagree. There are times when I am the same; times when I ‘know’ through being a Gnostic that what I ‘know’ IS right; and that those who disagree are plain ignorant of fact.


I will write a separate blog about mining and CSG. This is
what a miner wrote to me today:-

“I’ll work for anyone but I can tell you from inside info,
Australia will be and already is fucked from CSG the shit is already in the
water table trust me on this our agriculture will disappear in a few decades.”

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Poem: The World in Crisis

The World in Crisis

2008 was a very bad year.

Millions of tragic things happened.

A time of speculation and fear;

When many doors closed and few opened.


There are always those who profit from loss,

And those who can’t cope at all.

Some just don’t give a toss,

While some simply can’t take the fall.


Since 2008 and the GFC,

Many unusual things have occurred.

The Arab Spring set some people free;

But was the outcome preferred?


Hurricanes, solar flares and volcanos have erupted

Earthquakes have caused destruction.

Bankers and governments were corrupted

To the point where they could not function.


To add to all this we have a Massive Solar Storm,

The Doomsayers, and  End Times.

December 21st 2012 they warn;

With drunken teens and rampant crimes.


Hard drugs and alcohol are ruining lives.

Not addressed by Heads of State.

 Police only Taser, arrest and raid dives,

Many are corrupt with a dirty slate.


Religion has its seedy side.

Paedophile priests, money and power.

Distorting truth, instilling fear to abide,

And useless prayers, whilst knelt and cower.


Wars continue, nothing learned.

Hatred and bias loom.

Respect, trust and love have to be earned;

Without these we are doomed.


One solution appears to me now;

A tolerance of our differences.

To determine to care and make a vow

Not to impose our preferrences.

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December 21st 2012

I start by telling my readers that I am a Gnostic teacher; however not all my posts will contain Gnostic knowledge. This is one that does not.


Let me start by saying that I have no particular insight into this date. I have known about the date since 1997, but no particular inner knowledge has ever been divulged to me. All I can do is offer some advice and put forward some possibilities, none taking precedence over the other.


Now, in Australia, if we have a change of government, this country will go downhill until it reaches junk status. Some countries are already there. Whilst the incumbent government is calling the shots on the economy, we are safe. This is my concerted opinion. People will need to prepare for hard times. And I mean very hard times if another government with the leader it now has, gets to lead this country. The same in America; beware of the unknown.


Australia and America are on a parallel as far as governments go. We have our first female Prime Minister and America has its first African American black President. One glaring difference is, our Government took over in surplus and the US took over in deficit.  Both previous leaders were hated by the general public. Both were liked when first elected, but time proved them to misuse their power. George W Bush left his country in a terrible mess and the beginning of the GFC. The subprime mortgage started in America and spread to and affected the rest of the world. Both President and Prime Minister have had to make difficult decisions concerning the economy in the face of the GFC. It has been a struggle in Australia because we have a ‘hung’ Parliament. The Opposition, led by Tony Abbott MP has tried to block EVERYTHING that the Government has tried to pass. But over 400 bills have been passed in spite of this moronic behaviour.




Now I can tell you what I have been doing. I am getting a survival kit together. It has a first aid kit. 2 torches that don’t need batteries. A flint for starting a fire. Several changes of clothing. A survival silver blanket, very light and very small. A plastic rain coat and my eye drops. Toilet paper and Swipes. All in a back pack, goes everywhere with me. Be prepared for the worst case scenario. Whatever that may be.


Here I will put forward some possibilities: Possibility 1. A complete global meltdown. This would be because some countries have gone past the point of no return. I had credit card debt, but over 5 years I have paid it all off. There are certain countries that cannot do this. The World Central Bank and the IMF will be throwing good or dubious money after bad. In my opinion, it will not amount to anything. That is it will not rectify the situation. First world countries will become third world countries and vice versa. All this has come about for two reasons, Mismanagement and Greed.


When an ADHD child disrupts the class, all suffer, the bright students and the slow students alike. The class clowns will muck up with the ADHD child. The latter are unlikely to succeed in life, as far as being able to support themselves and living a life they are comfortable with. The PIGS plus several other countries are in fact delinquent. Their behaviour is disrupting every country in the world. Do not elect a delinquent to run your country. If a man is so driven to be a leader, that he stoops to rock bottom in his tactics to achieve his goal, you may depend he is as delinquent as those leaders who allowed their nations to sink into the mire.


Possibility 2. There could be a massive volcanic eruption that would spew volcanic ash for weeks on end and to such an extent that the entire planet could be covered in ash. It could block out the sun, halt transport of any kind. In fact it could be dangerous to even venture outside. It has happened once before and is said to be the reason dinosaurs died out suddenly. The ash would kill all crops and live stock and could bring on an ice age. I have approximately 6 months of food stored. Everything I buy that is non-perishable is marked with a number. It will never go to waste as I am using it all the time. I have plenty of doonas and hot water bottles and I have 9 bottles of gas. Since I wrote this I have bought one more 9 Kg gas bottle and have had Three 45 Kg gas bottles delivered. This is enough to last me one year only.



Possibility 3.  The problem in Japan with Fukushima nuclear plant could worsen. There is a grave problem there as I write. The government has told the media that the problem has been rectified. That may be for the time being, but I doubt that it  permanent. The wall has a bulge in it and numerous other problems such as over-heating etc.. Worst case scenario, radiation could affect the entire planet in many different ways.



Possibility 4. There could be a problem with Rus sia (sic).  Several countries have nuclear power capability, nuclear war-heads and the nuclear bomb. They were not made to look at in a museum. They were invented and made to be used if deemed necessary. Any number of countries could deem it necessary at any time now. Who knows that it may happen on that date? (Rhetorical). There would be entities that do know the fate of this planet, but we are here to evolve, learn and experience. I don’t believe any one human being knows what will happen if anything.


I should mention here that this date December 21st 2012 is in no way similar to YK2. That was a man made Gregorian date and has no spiritual significance in the world. This date could well have significance and I will tell you why I think that. I have noted many things happening in the world and in my home that have not happened in written history. For instance, there was a black snake in my sittingroom in mid-winter and snakes are never seen for the 3 winter months. I saw snakes everywhere this last mid-winter months. No black snake has entered my house since I put security screens on all the sliding doors and back laundry door. The snake probably entered as I pegged clothes on the line. I nearly stepped on it 2 days before at night when I was checking my solar power. There was a python in my bananas also, had been there for days. The local parrots  nested in June. They usually start in August.


Now has there ever been an Arab Spring before? Have you thought about the outcome? What will be the future for Syria? Can America afford to throw its weight around nuclear capable countries with their drones and ass.assinations? (sic) And entering countries without authority and carrying out raids, kil.ling (sic) civilians and women and children all in the name of? I’ll let you work that out for yourself.


Have we ever emitted carbon to such an extent that it is harming the health of the planet? Have we ever been on the brink of finite resources before? Has there ever been a threat to polluting the aquifers of the world? This is hardly a peaceful planet. Have you calculated the damage Shock and Awe did not only to the land of Iraq, but to the entire planet? Was the rest of the planet consulted when Iraq was attacked? Had Iraq ever attacked America? Has America ever atoned for that sin? How is it that the world allowed France to detonate nuclear devices in the Pacific? If men have managed the planet so well to date, why is it in such a mess? Has there ever been the vast numbers of refugees there are at this time?

There is an island of garbage the size of a small country, growing daily, floating in the Pacific. The earth has been mismanaged, countries have been mismanaged. People have been misled. And in my opinion, all of it has reached the point of no return; because one country is going to drag the next down and so on: the domino effect. The reason, GLOBALISATION. I advocated against it years and years ago saying it will bite us in the bum in the end. It was always men who thought GLOBALISATION was the best for the planet. But a wise person can see that it is senseless. People who think it is great have not thought about the effects long term, have not thought deeply, nor logically. All these poor decisions have been made by men. Women would never have made these mistakes, if only wise women were in those positions of leadership. Of course there are women who think like men and rose to power by being man-like. One such person is Margaret Thatcher, and may I also add Golda Meir, once Prime Minister of Israel and to a certain extent Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. None of them were wise women, they were clever, manipulative and persuasive. They all revelled in the position of power.


Australia has a female leader and she is treated appallingly by the working class, the ignorant and the uneducated. Certainly wise women are not treating her like this. I think she is doing a fine job. If only the rabblerousers would let her get on with governing. That’s what she wants to do and that’s what she must do. She is working under great hardship and the mob do not give her any credit for what she has achieved so far. She is not out visiting factories; she is at Parliament House working. On the other hand; the male counterpart is out most of the time visiting factories and doing menial jobs, looking ludicrous at times with a shower cap on, or he’s performing in marathons in his lycra, or on a beach in budgie smugglers. And we all know what that means. The counterpart is hardly ever in his office and when he is, he is thinking up clever tactics to fool the mob into countering the incumbent government at all costs. And I mean AT ALL COSTS. Just wait and see what happens if the counterpart gets elected. This country is doomed and it could so easily be saved by re-electing the incumbent government. The mob vs. Wise Women: The mob = quantity. Wise women = quality and  Logic. But democracy is set by numbers, so the wise hardly ever win. If you do not see this as truth, then you have mob mentality. That is Lowly spirituality evolved or spiritually impoverished, or Christian Fundamentalist. I should mention that there are wise men. Those of you who are wise will know who they are. They will also be Gnostics, that’s where their wisdom has come from.



Possibility 5. A massive solar flare or solar burst/storm. This could bring humanity to its knees. Every country depends on electricity to some extent and some more than others. Can you imagine life without any electricity? Banks could not operate. How would they access your account? So no money, no fuel, no food in the shops. I would survive for 2 reasons. 1. I have enough food to last me 6 months and I grow food. 2. I have done the 31 Day Program to be a Breatharian, so I can live without food and water for that matter. But I have my own water.


Whatever happens on this date, be it catastrophic or just another day; 2013 will be like no other.  The world is changing regardless of this date. Facebook is loaded with Christian prayers and drawings of Jesus calling him God. Some people are obsessing with religion out of fear or the coming foreboding doom. I’m preparing for the worst, but I’m not worrying about it. You need to keep a calm logical head. That means that you logically work out the best approach to handle any scenario. I am now 70 years old and I have no fear of death. It doesn’t bother me if I live or die, death is just an extension of life anyway.


Possibility 6. Earth’s alignment with the ‘dark rift’. Please readhttp://www.december212012.com/articles/news/Coming_Polar_Shift-The_Horizon_Project.htm

Whilst I see this as a possibility, it is in no way more likely than any of the others.



Possibility 7. An unknown phenomena,  unthought-of  and never happened before; or just the end of the world as we now know it. I may change this last one as something comes to mind.


One thing does come to mind and that is: men have ruled this planet throughout the ages. They have ruled by force, by intimidation and fear. Women must at some stage have their ‘right’ to rule. The way women will rule will be opposite to that of men. Women will make decisions based on intuition, not on greed and selfish self-concern. Women will concentrate on peace, rather than fear. Women will govern with mental strength, rather than physical strength. Women will be practical and pragmatic, rather than hasty and confused. Women will want love to predominate, rather than hate. Women will reduce laws and regulations because all children will learn to appreciate and recognise what is socially acceptable.


We, the people of this beautiful planet Earth (Gaia) could make December 21st a very special day; one to go down in history books, by banding together for world peace. Everybody lay down your arms and hug your neighbour.


You may also be interested in these sites: bit.ly/T4SXim



Shocking World Bank Climate Report: ‘A 4°C [7°F] Must be avoided’
To Avert ‘Devastating’ Impacts http://clmpr.gs/SJr5kQ via @thinkprogress

P.S. I would sooner be prepared for nothing, than unprepared for something




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About the Muslim Faith

Muslims in the main. Let me start by telling you that I am a Gnostic teacher and this is a Gnostic teaching. Not all my blogs are. Muslims, Christians and all other religions all makemistakes regarding right and wrong from a spiritual aspect. And of course some don’t seemto know right from wrong from a human rights aspect either. This blog is about the Muslim Faith, as it is this religion that has got it most wrong. Before I go on, I am sure there are some very wonderful, kind and caring Muslims who would never dream of harming anyone, just as there are in every religion. However any patriarchal society/religion is skewed to favour any and every male whim or fancy: Making all male actions not only acceptable but honourable regardless of what the action is. Honour killings and the Iraq war: A man may kill his wife, fiancé, mother, sister or daughter without any feeling of guilt, as he feels he has done the ‘right’ thing as a matter of honour. This is regardless of proof or evidence. Yet when Saddam Hussein killed several thousand Kurds his actions were not justified by Muslim Kurds. I assume this was because he dared to kill men. If Saddam Hussein had killed only women, it may have been more readily accepted. Then again maybe not as the husbands would be losing their servants and sex slaves. I have read the Koran and there is a lot of good stuff in it, but our own conscience should tell us those same things. Nowhere did I find in it that it was alright for a man to treat his wife in a cruel manner, to beat her, enslave her or to keep her locked up. And nowhere did it say that a man has the right to kill a woman for any reason what so ever. I did find parts that said that a woman must obey her husband or the man of the house. This is because Mohammed was a man and Allah is a male entity. The very same in the Christian Faith. Jesus was a man and the god of the bible is a male entity. In the matriarchal societies where there is no religion, there is harmony, respect for women and no rapes. To this day a Muslim man feels he has  the ‘right’ to kill an unmarried woman who is not a virgin. And assume that a woman is not a virgin if she doesn’t bleed on the wedding night. Many virgins do not bleed for various reasons. It is not a fact that a virgin must bleed in order to be a virgin. And many virgins have been killed because of the lack of blood. Spiritually, a man loses his honour as soon as he kills another human being. If a woman doesn’t want a man for any reason, he should wear it like a man, not like a petulant child who can’t get it’s own way. It is very unmanly to kill, harm or enslave a woman, as men are supposed to be a female’s protector. On a spiritual level the female principle is higher evolved than the male. This is not to say that all women are higher evolved than all men, not at all. I say this only human incarnation is always male. So that the female does not start off at rock bottom and the male does. You will find that in countries where sex education is nil, and women’s rights are nil there are many more rapes than in countries where there is sexual freedom.  And I have never heard of anyone being raped at a nudist colony or retreat. Hippies are mostly sexually free and hippies don’t rape, they are the ones who are mellow and walk around their house and garden in the nude; yet they are despised by religious zealots. Most hippies and alternative lifestyles advocates are far more highly spiritually evolved than any Imam, priest, vicar, clergyman, pastor or pope. I am not talking about unwashed feral type hippies who steal and do drugs and by drugs I do not include marijuana. Marijuana is a herb that grows naturally wild anywhere where it is allowed. For instance, when I went to have an audience with the King of Nepal before the massacre, cannabis was growing outside the gates of the Palace beside the road. Once it is fiddled around with, grown by hydroponics and fertilized with undesirable chemicals, it is no longer the natural herb I advocate as being permissible to partake of. However like all things, too much of anything is not good. This is another subject and I will blog about it at a later date.

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The Catholic Church and Christianity: ABC 4 Corners


The Catholic Church and Christianity:

I am a Gnostic teacher, so what you may not agree with is because you have no true understanding of that particular truth. However not all that I write about comes from being a Gnostic, some of it is opinion.

I am absolutely Hmm, what is a suitable adjective to describe how I feel? Gob-smacked? No, don’t like it, astounded? Not strong enough. Flabbergasted, amazed, utterly astounded. Nope, no word is strong enough to describe how I feel about the cover-ups of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Disgusted is close. It is compounded by the fact that people of ‘faith’ still have faith in the church. Are they blind and deaf? What do they make of what is going on from the very top down? How does the Pope draw such huge crowds, especially youth? It is very puzzling. How can seemingly intelligent people of so called faith ignore these goings on, still pray to the god of the bible and still go to church? Can they ‘believe’ that the god of the bible invested power in a paedophile priest? And if they choose to believe that god did not invest power in paedophile priests, they do believe that god invested ‘power’ in those higher up that are ignoring sexual abuse in the worst form and covering up criminal acts.

Come on now Christians, use your logical mind and decipher this mess. Has praying to the god of the bible ever helped you? If you answer ‘yes’, prove it. You can’t and I will tell you why, as a Gnostic teacher. There is power in prayer: The strong belief that something will happen, like getting cured of disease or a safe pregnancy and such. That is your own mind at work, not god’s work. Then there is the possibility of an entity picking up your prayer and helping you. Your prayers do go out into the ethers and can be picked up by any entity. We have Guides and Guardians and other helpers, any one of these, plus a dead relative or close discarnate friend, can all contribute to helping you with the situation you prayed for. So there is absolutely no way you can prove that god answered your prayers. And even if you heard a voice saying, “I am god.” It does not mean that it is god. Any entity can play tricks on you if they are mischievous enough.

I hope Christians and Catholics watched 4 Corners ABC on Monday 2nd July 2012. I knew it all already, but it still amazed me to listen to George Pell speaking and saying he would believe 3 clergy over one altar boy. My goodness: That is saying that no matter what happens to an altar boy, no matter how bad the crime, he will never be believed if he reports it. No wonder they don’t report such things. No priest is readily going to admit he raped an altar boy. And shock horror, when F… did admit it, he received no punitive action.

Partial transcript 4 Corners ABC Link to the full transcript at end of blog. My comments in bold.

GEOFF THOMPSON: So, let’s be perfectly clear. Under oath, in this court of law, Father F admitted to having oral sex with young boys. What’s more, he confirmed he made that admission at that 1992 meeting with three senior priests – including Father Brian Lucas who is the current General Secretary of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. Now somewhat strangely, Australia’s most senior Catholic, speaking on behalf of Brian Lucas, says he does not believe that admission was made.

CARDINAL GEORGE PELL: I certainly didn’t know that; I’m surprised at that. I would take the word of three priests against that allegation. I think it’s fair enough for Brian Lucas, as one of those three priests, to have me speak for him – I’ve reported what the file note says and what he said about what happened at that particular meeting.

Australia’s most senior Catholic acknowledges mistakes were made in the past but insists the Church has changed its ways.

It seems strange to me that only a Gnostic and a handful of ‘others’ see something very sinister going on here. By ‘others’ I mean, other non Christian religions, such as Buddhists and  Hindu, also atheist and anyone who has turned away from Christianity because they have logically found the religion to be lacking.

CARDINAL GEORGE PELL: We set up the Melbourne Response and the Towards Healing Response, and I think when the provisions in those Responses are followed, I think they’re… they’re quite adequate. I think we a… basically, apart from individual lapses, we have an adequate story to tell in the way we’ve helped victims.

 George Pell says that ‘we’ have an adequate story to tell. This is not a story George Pell. And adequate is not good enough and lapses are grave transgressions.

Damian Jurd’s allegations of sexual abuse ended up here at Narrabri courthouse, where a magistrate was asked to weigh the testimony of a wayward youth against that of a Catholic priest.

MAGISTRATE (voiceover): He has no previous convictions and he is a Catholic priest – and obviously Damian must come out second best there.

Damian was ‘wayward’ because of what happened to him by a trusted mentor. He committed suicide.

Please follow the link to full transcript as sent from the ABC: Thank you for your enquiry. You may certainly include this link to the 4 Corners website in your blog:



PARLIAMENTARY staffer James Ashby, who has accused house of representatives Speaker Peter Slipper of sexual harassment, has been allowed to delay giving evidence…


Isn’t it amazing all the fuss over James Ashby’s sexual harassment case over Peter Slipper apparently asking him to leave the shower door open when he showered? Sheesh!!!!!!!!! Can’t the guy say ‘no’? What was he doing staying with Peter Slipper anyway? Look at the minimal amount of attention the rape of hundreds of altar boys and resulting suicides of 40 of those rape victims has triggered? Is there any comparison? If I asked a man to stay with me and he asked me to leave the shower door open and I didn’t want to, I’d tell him that I don’t want to, then shower with the door shut, or if I felt threatened, and I was staying with someone who had said that, I’d go home. True or false, it’s a huge fuss about relatively nothing. Deal with it James Ashby, on your own!

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On Conscience vs. Religion

On Conscience vs. Religion

I start off all my blogs the same way, by telling you that I am a Gnostic teacher. Not all my blogs contain Gnostic teachings, this one does.

Each person is born with a conscience. It is up to each individual human/entity to know what is socially right and what is socially wrong and what is socially acceptable. In actuality, there is no right or wrong, all is right in a spiritual sense, it may only seem wrong because of our dislike for some things. Suffering can make you dislike some things. If you dislike something, (I’m sure we all dislike some things); however we are wasting negative energy on something that is not helping our situation. If you can embrace it and tune out to any pain or anguish and know how great it is that you are dealing with all things as they are thrown at you, you can start to feel better about your situation. Once you see clearly the reason for all that is happening, you will be in Nirvana, lol. However realistically, we are never going to know why some things happen when they do.  We can feel that we know about some things, but there are things that are unknowable to humans. Unfortunately humans are now meddling in areas where it is forbidden spiritually. But the lesser evolved plough on thinking they are ‘right’ and that all of a sudden ‘killing’ is ‘right’.  If you are a Christian reading this blog, you really should read on, because there will be a lot written about the religions from time to time. Put on your logic hat when reading.

Your conscience should replace religion. Religion is for the shallow thinker and the spiritually impoverished. It was originally brought about to keep the masses under control. We as humans do not need another human to tell us how to behave, what to eat and how to dress. These as adults are choices we must make ourselves. This is how we evolve, not by following what ‘others’ tell us we should do in their opinion. We make them based on what we have learned to be socially acceptable or not as in some cases. Everyone has a conscience, however some are more developed than others. Our conscience tells us when something we may be contemplating might be ‘wrong’ ethically. If we go ahead and do the thing we ‘know’ is wrong, we are ignoring our conscience. A spiritually less evolved  person who thinks that killing is ‘right’ is still learning and developing their conscience. If you ask people randomly if they think murder is wrong, I would think that around 99% of people would say that it was. Some would say certain murders were justified. But in fact no one has the right to take another’s life, except in self-defence.  All human life is sacred. I often wonder how people of ‘faith’ can justify war. All of a sudden killing becomes acceptable, even of innocent civilians and children, known now as collateral damage. How do they reconcile this with the Ten Commandments? How can ministers, priests, clergyman and pastors and the like believe that they have a monopoly on morals when they condone war? Now I will write a blog at some later date on war.

Humans have the power of reasoning and this places us above animals. Now it may be argued that apes can reason to a certain extent. An ape may be able to reason that they prefer bananas to grapes because….da da da. And this is because apes are evolving. To my knowledge no ape could use sign language 100 years ago. Look how much humans have evolved technologically over the past 100 years. Humans have evolved spiritually as well during that time. I remember when I was a child I told my parents and teachers that animals could talk and had their own language. For instance I knew chickens had a universal language. I could understand several sounds identifying an action such as a warning of danger from above: Warning of danger from the ground: An invitation by a rooster to his hens to eat before him. But I was ridiculed. Now it seems to be common knowledge that animals have language. Some domesticated animals also have a conscience, whilst other do not. This may sound ridiculous to the less spiritually enlightened; a loved dog would never turn on it’s owner for any reason. This is the dog’s conscience at play. The dog that does turn on it’s owner has either been badly treated, or it’s conscience has not yet developed. If this is the dog’s last incarnation as an animal, it will become human in it’s next incarnation with a poorly developed con science. The bulk of prisoners in jails have poorly developed consciences and it is that that has landed them in jail. We are supposed to know the law, yet I don’t think it is taught in schools. My parents never taught me ‘the Law’, I was just expected to know what was not lawful. So you can hardly blame an unevolved thug, who has never been taught the law of the land to ‘know’ that what he is doing is socially unacceptable. He may know he is breaking the law and may get arrested, but his conscience will not tell him he is doing wrong. I know there will be some people reading this who will ridicule the domesticated animal to human incarnation, especially those that don’t believe in reincarnation. But your disbelief does not make it not a fact.

Let us take the mind of the Roman Catholic priest who molests young children. Now I want you to think about this deeply and logically. Not of course just Roman Catholic priests, but any adult who does this. I am drawing your attention to priests as you would think that they of all people should know better and have a conscience telling them that what they are doing is abhorrent, disgraceful and unlawful. They do of course have a conscience, but they ignore it. So now let us take the parishioners of the church. Yes, they seem to be pretty outraged when they find out what has been going on under their noses, but does that deter them from their beliefs? Seems not so. They blindly go on believing that the Christian religion is superior to all others. This is the religion where paedophiles in the church are not brought to justice and shuffled from one diocese to another to escape prosecution. If Christians, (from here on in I will use a lower case for) would only think, ponder the subject of paedophilia in the church, they may come to a number of realisations connected to their religion. When a priest says “with the power vested in me by god.” this is a complete nonsense. I can assure you that no god or God has vested any ‘power’ in any person of the church. If you are a person who thinks the god of the bible is a loving god, why would he vest ‘power’ to a paedophile? Christians are not deep thinkers. Buddhists are much deeper thinkers, but even they are often on the wrong track. Their repetitious prayers do not benefit them in any way. In fact the Dalai Lama once said that it is of no use to pray. And that had been born out by the persecution of Tibetans by the Chinese. I will do a separate blog on the power of prayer later on. There is power in prayer, no doubt about that. However Christians mistake their prayers as being answered by the god of the Christian bible and this simply is not so.

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Evolution: Spiritual and other:

Evolution: Spiritual and other:

I start off all my blogs the same way, by telling you that I am a Gnostic teacher. However not all my blogs contain Gnostic teachings. This one does.

Most people don’t realise which is the most important part of evolution. The everyday mundane is base compared to Spiritual Evolution and in fact should always be referred to as Spiritual Evolution. The capitalisation is there for a reason: because it is superior to the base. Therefore this evolution must be revered.
The problem:
The problem is that some people are not reaching their potential, they are in fact devolving. This is worse than stagnation. This is a very disastrous course for anyone to take, yet millions are taking it. It will undoubtedly drag the karma of the world, Mother Earth, Gaia down with it. I will write about this in more detail later. A paedophile is such a person. There are others, many who cannot be identified unless under close scrutiny.

Darwin’s evolution, whilst somewhat important to know, is nowhere near as important as Spiritual Evolution. Darwin’s evolution deals with ancestors. We have evolved from ape like beings; the Neanderthal. But Darwin didn’t go back to the very beginning of the human evolution. It is of no real importance to know who your ancestors were; but it is of huge importance to know who you were in your previous incarnations. Each time you incarnate, you do so the opposite gender to the one before. Now some people with a little spiritual knowledge will contradict me here. They will say that they were the same gender two incarnations in a row. Now to an extent this may appear to be true. I said ‘appear’. Let’s take the life of a man who lives until he is 80 years of age. It is necessary for this soul to reincarnate as a male again, as certain lessons were not properly learned. So the next living incarnation may well be in a male body, however there will be a female still birth, aborted foetus or miscarriage in between. I will write about abortion in another post and why it should be allowed. Most people cannot remember their previous incarnations. The more highly spiritually evolved you are, the more you will remember. Some people may need a little help with remembering, such as with rebirthing. You will bring a wealth of knowledge with you in every incarnation in the form of intuition; and that inner ‘knowing’ that all highly spiritually evolved souls will know.
Have you ever wondered why some people are thugs, criminals, and ignorant louts? And have you also wondered why some are geniuses? Can you explain the reason behind why this is so? Prisons are not full of geniuses are they? Why then are some people born with very little brain capacity, deformed or sick? Have you bothered to think about this? If you have not, then you are not a deep thinker. Religious people do not think about such things. That’s what I imagine anyway, because if they did they would realise that there would be a logical explanation for it and deep thinkers work that out. They have the capacity to work it out through the knowledge they bring with them in the form of intuition and gnosism. Ha ha ha, apparently there is no such word as gnosism, but I notice people are making up words every day and after a while that new word gets into the dictionaries. The word fits my purpose and to express it any other way will sound too pedantic.
Alright, I am about to explain why there are thugs, criminals and ignorant louts etc., and also why there are beautiful, loving and kind people living in the same world. Once you understand this, the penny will drop. Once you know, it will all seem so logical. The Christian and other belief systems are not logical. Truth is always logical to a logical thinker. However, when the truth is not understood, it may not seem logical. Understand that you have to have the spiritual capacity to ‘understand’ truth in some instances. At other times truth will be clear to all.
Okay, a thug etc. is an unevolved soul. A thug is always male; the dictionary defines a thug as: a tough and violent man, esp. a criminal. A thug is usually in his very first human incarnation. He has evolved from a domesticated animal. Now an animal that has been mistreated by humans will evolve into a thug, once human. If it lived with a family who was violent, it will naturally think violence is the norm. If the animal was feral, such as a feral dog, the thug will bring with him everything he learned as a feral dog; such things as pack rape. If the animal lived with a beautiful, caring and kind family, the animal’s next incarnation evolving to human, will not be that of a thug, but of a kind, perhaps illiterate human being; someone who is slow to learn or simple.  A genius on the other hand has lived many times before as a human entity. If they are a musical genius, they have been musicians in previous lives. They are born with knowledge of music, especially in the genre they are now a genius in. I saw a child of 2 years old able to name all the capitols of the world. Why can one child be able to learn such things, whilst another can get to adulthood and never learn to read and write? The child was most likely a genius in their previous incarnation and learned to develop a retentive memory. Not greatly anything to do with the parents and genes, though this does play a small part. The reason the child was born to certain parents is to foster this capability.
There are 7 levels of Spiritual Evolution. If you can visualise a pyramid the base is where the thugs, criminals and the like reside. The apex is where the Very Highly spiritually evolved wise human beings reside. Let me make a list here below. The Very Highly evolved will be number one, going down to 7 which is the base. The word ‘base’ is very apt, as the behaviour of a thug is base. The type of sex they enjoy is base and the level of education they achieve is basic.
1. Very Highly evolved.
2. Highly evolved.
3. Above average evolved.
4. Average evolved.
5. Below average evolved.
6. Lowly evolved.
7. Unevolved.

Now, technically the ‘unevolved’ are not totally unevolved. It merely means they have not had many human incarnations, usually less than 4. So the first incarnation will be male, the second female and third male again. By the 4th incarnation they will have learned enough about social norm to have graduated to 6th position of Lowly evolved. In some cases it may take the next two, to 6th incarnation when they are female again. This is why prisons are most populated by men. By the second human incarnation, (as a female) the soul has learnt much about social acceptability.

I hope the reader is processing all that I have written here. What is clear to me as a Gnostic, will not be so clear to a lesser spiritually evolved human being. If we take the analogy of the pyramid, you will see that there is little space at the top, the apex. As I have mentioned in previous posts, there are very few very wise people in the world. Those that are, they inhabit the apex. They are the Very Highly evolved. There was something I did not write about in my previous post on why democracy is a failure. And I will write about it in another post. It has to do with wisdom and the Highly evolved. No democratic society has the wisest person in the country at the top. I will explain what is the preferred system of leadership in my post on Hierarchy.

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On why Democracy is a Failure.

On why Democracy is a Failure.

I start off all my blogs the same way, by telling you that I am a Gnostic teacher.

Firstly, when thinking deeply about any subject, you must apply logic. If you are thinking without logic, your thoughts and opinions are invalid. Secondly, we must take into account the level of education, the quality of thoughts of the general populace and amount of wisdom each person has achieved in order to ‘judge’ if the populace is making a beneficial decision for all concerned.

So let us look at Democracy in Australia: We do not have one person one vote. We do have compulsory voting. And we do have illiterate, uneducated and disinterested people voting. The Donkey vote is counted and the only way to get out of voting is to cast an informal vote.

Now let us look at the amount of ‘wisdom’ we can attach to the general populace. What percentage of the population is truly wise? This is my concerted opinion, but I would say less than 1%. There are many intelligent people and certainly some who are clever. And by the way, you do not have to be very intelligent to be a Rhodes Scholar; you just need to be clever: that is clever at passing exams.

Our leaders need to be both wise and intelligent, not clever. So if a wise and intelligent person should become Prime Minister, chances are the general populace will not like them, because they will not have the capacity to understand some of the decisions taken and words that come out of their mouths. Having been a patriarchal society since the dawn of time, there will be further obstacles for a female Prime Minister, even from fellow females who are entrenched in that patriarchal dominance. A clever male will suck in all those uneducated, unwise and illogical persons who cannot comprehend the deeper aspects of life, into his way of thinking.

Having established that the majority of people worldwide are not wise people, we cannot expect that the populace of any nation will vote for the best person for the job.  It is also not usual for a wise person to be in a position of candidacy. So we have a double dilemma here.

There are two categories of people who vote informal: one is an uninformed person who has the good sense at least to know that a Donkey vote is nonbeneficial, and the other is the wise person who has established that no candidate is worth voting for. So who is going to get elected if most of the wise people of a nation do not cast a vote?

Now let us look at democracy from another angel. Let us take hypothetically, the ‘Two Party Preferred’ standard for a start. Let us say that one party gets 37% of the votes, remembering we have electorates to consider also. The ‘other’ party gets 33%, leaving 30% to the lesser parties. If you implement logic here, it is inconceivable to say that the winning party won by a landslide, when 63% of the population did not vote for that candidate or Party. It is also inconceivable for any leader to say they have a ‘mandate’ under these circumstances. A democracy does not mean that the ‘people’ have their say so to speak, only a small portion will, in this case scenario, the 37%. Now if we define in percentages, the uneducated, unwise and the uninformed, that very well may add up to 37%. Now how do you feel about our democratic system?

This is just one scenario. Right now in Australia we have a ‘Hung’ Parliament. Not too bad if the Opposition is bi-partisan in most things. But they rarely are. People elect Parties based on personalities. They don’t like someone’s voice or hair colour, they tend to think they can’t do a good job. Governments are elected by
the people, but then 50% of what they do is secret, classified and we the people are not allowed to know certain decisions that have been made on our behalf. Now John HoWARd sent us to war as a part of the Coalition of the Willing without a referendum. This should never have happened. We the people voted for him. He can make a suggestion, then we vote if we want our country to go to war. It is absurd that we can vote a Party in and then a few weeks later we find we are sending troops to a country that has not attacked us.

And another thing that is absurd about a democracy, the incumbent Government pays the salaries of not only the Opposition who are all morons with the exception of a very few, but pays the salaries of all the Independents and any other Parties as well. Now if this was a business, can you imagine a CEO paying the wages of a company in competition? And look at the way the Leader of the Opposition treats our PM. Look at the way many of his MP’s also treat her with disrespect. The ALP could suspend their salaries until they earned respect. As for calling everyone “The Honourable So and So” this is bizarre. None of them deserves this title.

Parliament should be conducted in an orderly, polite and intelligent manner. No one should ever be drunk, discourteous or insulting. Parliament should be role models of behaviour. Of course Our PM has the right to retaliate once in a while after scores of insults. Why should the Opposition get away with childish, moronic behaviour? And why is it that when the PM does lash out…..oh such wounded
souls. Poor me, I’ve been insulted. Then go away to think up an even huger insults. Parliament is a circus, no matter what party is incumbent.

Democracy isa failure because the wise either don’t vote or they are in the minority. The morons are in the majority, so they are easily influenced by other clever morons, so they get their way. And morons usually vote for morons.

Men have ruled since the beginning of history in Parliament. There have been Queens, but I’ll leave them out of it for now. It is time for women to take up their rightful places. The glass ceiling has now been broken in Australia at least. We have our first female Governor General. Our first female Prime Minister. Our first female Attorney General, been several female State Premiers. And females going to fight in wars. Not that I consider the latter a rightful place.

I often hear hierarchy used in derogatory terms, but a hierarchy is the only way a country can be run successfully. One female a wise woman at the top with 2 men and 2 women under her. They have key positions. Each of them has 2 males and 2 females under them. That is 16 plus 4 plus 1 = 21. If this is ever established, you will find this the most successful form of governing. Everything would be transparent unless a very good reason for not and it would have to pass with a
unanimous vote.

There should be a Great Hall of Evolution built, with every human soul in its rightful place. To look down on someone more highly evolved than your self would be an offense.

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